Daddy, Mommy, Boy, Baby

生出來之後, 才發現原來要讓小寶寶睡覺還要花一番功夫…


Babies under three months are supposed to sleep up to 16 hours a day.


Step 1: Make baby comfy

Make sure your baby is comfortable: His tummy should be full and his diaper should be clean and dry.

It’s okay to allow a very new baby to fall asleep while nursing or taking a bottle, but don’t let it become a crutch. You’ll regret it when he’s older and will only go to sleep while being fed.

Step 2: Swaddle

Swaddle your baby. He’ll feel as cozy as if he’s still in the womb, and hopefully relaxed enough to drift off to sleep.


Step 3: Make temperature adjustments

Make sure your baby is neither cold nor hot. If you think he might be cold, don’t add blankets—loose covers are a suffocation hazard. A blanket sleeper with an extra t-shirt underneath should keep your baby cozy.


Step 4: Get moving

Get moving. Your baby is used to being rocked, swayed, and walked in Mom’s belly, so that’s often what he needs to enter Dreamland.

Just can’t do another lap around the living room with Junior? Try sitting on an exercise ball and bouncing gently. This lulls many babies to sleep.


Step 5: Sing

Sing—anything, as long as it’s gentle and lyrical. It doesn’t matter if it’s off-key. Your baby loves your voice no matter what. It doesn’t even matter if it’s made-up nonsense.


Step 6: Add some racket

Add a little racket. The drone of a fan or white noise machine has been known to help babies fall asleep.

Don’t let an infant cry himself to sleep. Even if you could stomach the heart-wrenching sobs, this tactic will only undermine your baby’s trust in your ability to comfort him.


Step 7: Wait with him

Put your baby down when he’s drowsy, but not yet asleep; you can stay with him until he conks out. He’ll learn to drift off by himself, even when he wakes up in the night—meaning more ZZZs for you.

Fetuses mostly snooze during the day, when Mom is moving around, because the motion rocks them to sleep.

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